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The Artist’s VOICE: Interview with Petra Sittig

I had the wonderful pleasure and honor of being interviewed by Petra Sittig on The Artist’s Voice. To date, Petra has interviewed 630 artists!

In Petra’s words:

“With this project, I want to give artists a louder voice and a platform for them to express themselves as individuals and to share their inspiring stories and perspectives.”

In the interview I mention, the artist and founder of Grand Central Atelier, Jacob Collins; art instructor and painter, Ananda Fetherston; The Florence Academy of Art; the artist and director of The Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, Jordan Sokol; Fine Art Connoisseur magazine; New Masters AcademyChateau Orquevaux International Artists & Writers Residency; and the Salmagundi Arts Club.

You can also access the interview via:

I hope you enjoy it!





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