Milène J. Fernández

Art & Tradition

Artists who learn from and add to the accumulated knowledge of ages past can create original works that may become timeless—truly enriching humanity.

What they create emanates their singular inner bearing, along with their time and place in history. Art created with genuine intent is a most cherished means of communication. Rooted in tradition, it is a repository for human culture.

Because art serves as a selection of the past, a reflection of the present, and as a model for the future, it has the power to influence the moral fabric of society.

I feature artist who create works that I find life-affirming. As I write, I am constantly wanting to elucidate the truth I recognize in their beautiful work. The attempt can sometimes feel futile, because art that is truly moving defies words. I welcome the challenge!

I invite you along my personal journey of developing my visual literacy, refining my eye, and of putting it into words. With attention, may we become more seasoned art lovers.

Carpe diem!

I have been witnessing a resurgence of fine art.

From Life  (writing in progress)

Upcoming Release

[ ... WORK IN PROGRESS ... ]


My initial idea for Quiet New York came from a pressing need for respite from the writhing noise, the incessant pulsating, intensity that so typifies the city. A quiet cafe, a quiet spot in the park, even a quiet elevator was not easy to find in New York City. …

Who is Milène?


My name, Milène is pronounced as in the French Mylène…
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